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Fair Hearing Decision 1614961

Fair Hearing Decision 1609134

MassHealth memo on Appeal 1609134

Fair Hearing Decision 1607749

Fair Hearing Decision 1509433

Fair Hearing Decision 1510857

Appellant’s Exhibit J

Appellant’s reply to MassHealth memo

MassHealth’s memo

The client has granted permission to publish unredacted copies of major filings in this case online.

Plaintiff’s reply to opposition

Opposition from AG’s Office on motion for judgment

Emergency Motion to Extend Deadline for Defs’ MJP Opp

Ltr to Suffolk Superior with List of Papers, Rule 9A Notice of Filing, Cert of Service

Exhibits FHD 11-15

Exhibits FHD 6-10

Exhibits FHD 1-5

Exhibits A-E

Plaintiff’s memo in support of motion for judgment

Motion for judgment on pleadings

Denial of Motion for leave to present additional evidence

Defendant’s Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Leave to Present Additional Evidence

motion for remand

Superior Court Complaint

Appellant’s request for rehearing (tolling 30-day statute of limitations for appeal) and response omitted.

Fair Hearing Decision 1407312

Appellant’s Reply Brief with Addendum

Amicus Brief of Real Estate Bar

Amicus Brief of NAELA

Appellee’s Brief

Appellee’s Opposition to Direct Appellate Review

Application to SJC for Direct Appellate Review

Appellant’s Brief filed with Massachusetts Appeals Court (same brief was filed with SJC with different title page)

Superior Court  decision

Fair Hearing Decision 1404953