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MassHealth memo on Appeal 1615211

Appeal 1104515

Posted: January 4, 2017 in MassHealth memo available

MassHealth’s Superior Court Opposition Brief (This is the Parsons case. Note that the “available” home argument was not made here, despite misrepresentations from the Office of Attorney General in court cases that the agency made that argument.)

Fair Hearing Decision 1609134

MassHealth memo on Appeal 1609134

Fair Hearing Decision 1608379

MassHealth Memorandum on Appeal 1608379

Fair Hearing Decision 1608521

MassHealth memo #2

Appellant’s redacted memo #1

MassHealth memo on Appeal 1608521

Fair Hearing Decision 1516247

MassHealth Memo

Applicant reply to Commonwealth regarding subpoena

Commonwealth’s reply to subpoena


Fair Hearing Decision 1510857

Appellant’s Exhibit J

Appellant’s reply to MassHealth memo

MassHealth’s memo